Tourism Development, Placemaking & Marketing

The creation of meaningful tourism experiences, initiatives, and strategies.


Jane Connelly is passionate about and inspired by food heritage and culinary experiences, identifying them as engines for sustainable economic development and preservation of culture. Her education, experience, and curiosity provide Jane with a unique perspective and unmatched insight into innovative and sustainable destination development projects and collaborations.

How can I help you?

Do you feel stuck in your food tourism plans? Do you need help identifying your unique culinary assets?  Are you having trouble engaging with local stakeholders? Do you feel like your culinary tourism brand could be stronger? 

Situation Analysis

  • Determine Your Food Tourism Potential
  • Discover Your Culinary Identity
  • Improve Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration

Product Development

  • Branding & Storytelling
  • Experience Development
  • Food & Beverage Route/Trail Creation
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
Food Tourism - Market Experience

Digital Strategy

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Design & UX
  • Digital Portfolio Creation
  • Email Marketing

Community based food tourism empowers local residents and provides visitors with unique and memorable experiences.

Strategic Anchors

Four main strategy and development anchors that my work is built on.


Developing strategic and creative solutions


Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals


Fostering knowledge, awareness and inclusion


Preserving local gastronomy heritage, tradition and culture

Food tourism is characterized by the visitor’s experience linked with food and related products and activities while travelling. Along with authentic, traditional, and/or innovative culinary experiences, Gastronomy Tourism may also involve other related activities such as visiting the local producers, participating in food festivals and attending cooking classes.

Why Work With Me?

All of my projects are supported by my multidisciplinary background. 

Digital Marketing Strategy for Food Travel Events

Digital marketing work in global food tourism summits and international tourism fairs. 

MSc Innovation in Tourism Management of Culinary Heritage

Strengthening the concept of culinary heritage and increasing the economic and social importance of gastronomy as a resource for regional development.

Food Tourism Strategy & Development

Strategic planning and development of international food tourism strategies and programs.

Speaker, Trainer & Reference for International Media​

Sharing my knowledge, ideas and experience in culinary tourism across different mediums. 

Experienced Food & Wine Tour Guide

Connecting visitors to the local culture through its unique food and gastronomy.

Non-Profit Experience

Liaise between countries around the globe to reach common objectives for tourism and culture organizations.

Who I've Worked With

Driving tourism development for leading destinations and companies


Jane Connelly

Barcelona, Spain

“Barriga llena, corazón contento”

“Full belly, happy heart”